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Electronic Arts confirms Medal of Honor Frontline GameCube

EA has confirmed that the Medal of Honor Frontline will be released for the GameCube. No real details on the game have been released yet, but we will probably find out more at this year’s E3. No word whether it will be improved over the PS2 version.

GameCube Launches in Europe!

Last Friday, Nintendos GameCube launched in Europe. According to retailers, the launch went very well. No sales figures are available until tomorrow, but according to Nintendo Europe, 10,000 units were sold within two hours in the UK. the total shipment was 500,000 units, and another 500,000 units are expected within the next few weeks.

Nintendo cuts price for European GameCube launch

Nintendo’s console the GameCube will launch across Europe on May 3 at the recommended retail price of 199 euros ($175 American) instead of the original price of 249 euros($220). The price decrease shows that there is some serious competition between Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube in Europe. Sony may be next to make a price cut in Europe on the PS2, but probably won’t until they see the sales figures on the Xbox and GameCube.

Sega continues work on Skies of Arcadia

Sega announced that the PS2 version of Skies of Arcadia will not be released until after 2003. As for the GameCube version, it will be released in 2003 on schedule. A more accurate release date is not available now.