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SI Gaming: PC Games

Tropico: Paradise Island patch available

Take-Two Interactive has released an upgrade for Tropico: Paradise Island, its expansion pack for the real-time strategy game Tropico. The new patch upgrades the game to version 1.51, including various changes, adjustments, and fixes.

Max Payne goes gold on the Mac

MacSoft will release the Macintosh version of Take-Two’s award-winning action game next month. It will ship to stores on July 16. They were originally released in 2001, the game is about an undercover cop on a mission to destroy a Mafia network in New York City.

Age of Wonders II Demo Now Available

Take-Two Interactive has released a new playable demo of Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne, its latest turn-based strategy game. The demo contains a single scenario mission from the full version of the game. It’s set in a medieval fantasy world. Like the first game, it focuses on both empire-building and tactical battles. It incorporates role-playing elements such as magical spells and hero units that can gain experience, skills, and levels. In addition, it also uses a newer more enhanced graphics engine.

World War II Online 1.6

Cornered Rat Software has released a major patch for World War II Online, the massively multiplayer online war simulation game published last summer by Strategy First and Playnet. Now at version 1.6, a number of additions and improvements have been made, including a new interface, new models and animations, new sounds, a moon, and new night lighting. It also adds improved artificial intelligence, as well as new vehicles and guns, and fixes a number of bugs.

Grand Theft Auto III to hit stores on May 21

GTA III for the PC now has a release date. May 21, 2002. The PC version will have improvements over the console version, including enhanced sound, more detailed graphics, and a customizable player character. GTA III on PS2 has already won numerous awards for innovation and groundbreaking design.

2002 FIFA World Cup ships

EA Sports has announced that the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the newest soccer game, has just shipped and will arrive in stores shortly. 2002 FIFA will include the insignia, trophy, mascots, banners, and flags from the world championship soccer tournament. It will be sold in stores at a price of around $39.99 US.

Spider-Man: The Movie(The Game) Ships

Activision’s new game has just recently shipped to stores. The game is based on the upcoming movie, “Spider-Man” which will be in theaters on May 3rd. The game’s got some great features. We plan on reviewing the game as soon as we get our hands on it.

Command & Conquer Renegade

Command & Conquer Renegade is one very cool-looking game. It’s different from the previous version of Command & Conquer, seeing as this one’s an FPS. The game hit store shelves on February 26. It has great graphics and finally lets you explore the C&C; universe. We will have a review of it this April.