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GTA: Vice

Wreckless on PS2

Activision has already announced that there will be a PS2 Version of Wreckless, a hit-selling game on Xbox. Now, this new version comes with more features. Xbox owners won’t like this next part. The PS2 version will bear a handful of new features, including a two-player mode, a free driving mode, some new vehicles, and a number of secondary missions that, according to Activision, will unlock cheats and secrets in the game. Most of these new features were left out of the Xbox version. I personally would have purchased the Xbox version if it came with them.

RedCard 2003 Ships!

RedCard 2003 on the PS2 has shipped to North American stores. Midway says that an Xbox and Gamecube version is scheduled to ship later this spring

Grand Turismo 4

Grand Turismo 4, the next game in the GT series, is currently under development. The new version will feature online capabilities. It is expected to a release in 2003 in Japan. No word on the North American version just yet.

GTA: Vice…..?

According to IGNPS2, the new rumored game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice, posted at¬†, does not exist. After a few weeks of confusion, IGN was able to contact RockStar Games to confirm this new title, which as we said, does not exist. Rockstar is working on the next game in the series but is not releasing any information on it. Maybe we will see something at this year’s E3.