Welcome to SI gaming!

Welcome to SI gaming!

SI Gaming: New Updates

During this weekend, we will have updates made to the site, starting with the launch of a new section at its own domain, Clans Central, a Clan hosting site with a Search engine for just about any clan for any game. It will launch most likely nearing the end of the weekend. Also, we will finally have that review on Wreckless. Check back later this weekend for the launch and new Reviews!

SI Gaming: Site Progress Slows Down

f you haven’t already noticed, the site has been going slow for the past few days. It seems the staff decided to go on a bit of a vacation without notifying the Executive Staff. Because of this, there will be no new updates until Friday. On Friday, will hopefully be the launch of a new feature here at SI Gaming that will benefit Online Games and Clan websites. Check back Friday for this new announcement! Also, we are looking for more staff to work at SI Gaming. If interested, go to the contact us page and find out how to apply.

SI Gaming: E3 Ends!

E3 2002 in California ended on Friday. We will still be posting more E3 news from the past week which wasn’t posted before in the Post E3 Section.

SI Gaming: Republic: The Revolution

Republic: The Revolution has been in the works for a while. That’s no surprise considering the game’s amazing design. Set in Novistrana, a fictitious nation trying to survive in the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union, Republic: The Revolution will challenge you to rise to power and lead the nation out of strife. The means you can use to accomplish this goal will be entirely up to you. You may choose to align yourself with the church, the mafia, the military, and more. Or you may seek political or economic victory. The game uses a proprietary 3D engine to render an entire 3D city, filled with traffic and civilians. There’s a lot of detail in the visuals–the close you get to something, the more detail you’ll notice.

SI Gaming: Counter-strike on Xbox

As if there’s not enough strategic combat goodness, the ridiculously popular Counter-strike is headed to Xbox online in 2003. What updates will be added from the original PC version are yet to be disclosed. Still, just knowing Counter-Strike is coming makes those that don’t have Xbox, want one.

SI Gaming: Xbox Live Announced

Microsoft made several moves to steal the early thunder as the company kicked off the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo with several new game announcements and the unveiling of Xbox Live, the Xbox’s online gaming service at a live presentation at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

SI Gaming: Star Wars Galaxies on Xbox

A version of Star Wars Galaxies, the massively-multiplayer online RPG set in George Lucas’ legendary sci-fi universe, will be developed for Xbox, LucasArts announced today. Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, the house that Everquest built, the Xbox version of Galaxies will differ from the PC version (due for release in December), but it will still offer a multiplayer role-playing adventure set on multiple planets in the Star Wars universe. We still have not yet received a release date.

SI Gaming: E3 Expo Begins!

E3 started yesterday with the Conference which ends today. Starting tomorrow to the 24(Friday), The actual Expo starts. Expect to see some more E3 posts.

SI Gaming: New Reviews

New reviews this week. A review on Star Trek: Armada II, and Project Gotham Racing. Also coming soon is a review on Wreckless. We had a few delays with that one. Check back daily as we will soon be posting more information from this year’s E3!